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Google Glass available in the UK for a mere £1000

At long last Googles popular Glass hardware is available in the UK through Googles Explorer program.

Google Glass initially went on sale In the US back in 2012 but this was strictly invite only.

If you want to look like a complete burke then Google Glass is now yours for a mere £1000. Google have pointed out that Glass is still in its prototype stage and as such would love your feedback.

Heres some feedback: Its too expensive!

For those of you not familiar with Google Glass, it is in essence a lightweight frame which sits over the eyeglass. It acts as like a head up display (HUD), and in addition to making you look truly awesome, you will be able to access the internet, browse maps and much more.


Meet the stunning Moto 360

In line with Google’s announcement regarding its new wearables OS Android Wear, Motorola have showcased the smartwatch to rule them all.

The Moto 360 will be one of the first smartwatches to run on the new mobile OS and has been showed off in one of Google’s promo videos. The new premium looking device features a traditional looking round digital watch face and features gesture based notifications. According to Motorola these notifications will all be delivered through ‘the twist of a wrist’.

Motorola has promised that when the smartwatch is released in summer it come in a range of styles and include a choice of leather of metal straps.

In what has been a mostly disappointing line up of smartwatches thus far, the Moto 360 may well be the most beautiful device yet!


Android Wear goes official

Today Google announced it was getting involved in the wearables scene by means of their new, super mobile operating system – Android Wear.  Google Wear is designed specifically for smartwatches and the company has released a couple of promo videos showcasing what looks like a sweet and intuitive user interface. The new OS will feature initially on smartwatches designed by Motorola and LG, and from what has been seen so far both look pretty damn amazing!

Looking after all your fitness needs, Android Wear will display distance, speed and time information and will feature Google maps. Another key feature will be Google Now which will allow users to easily access functions via voice command. This will be an ‘always listening experience’ and users can access instant relevant information with the voice command ‘Ok Google’.

From what we have seen of Google Wear it looks pretty amazing. It may be exactly what the wearable’s market has been waiting for.

Source: Google

Say hello to the Pebble Steel

Smartwatches are all the rage at the minute and if you have read our smartwatch guide you will be familiar with the massively popular Pebble. The Pebble was a huge success and considered the most popular smartwatch to buy. You’d have to sell one of your arms to get one though. 

One of the criticisms of the original Pebble was its all plastic design. It just didn’t feel like a premium product. Well now Pebble are remedying this with the introduction of the much slicker and robust looking Pebble Steel. The steel retains the specifications of the original Pebble but has a vastly improved design. 

The old Pebble will still be available at $149 with the Steel coming in at $249. The extra hundred dollars brings a much more premium all stainless steel design, a choice of stainless steel or leather strap and much more conventional styling. The Pebble Steel will be launched at the end of January in line with the new app store.

Pebble Steel