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Samsung Galaxy S5 Underwhelms

The Samsung Galaxy S5 went official yesterday at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

In what may be viewed as being a little underwhelming, the Galaxy S5 shares a lot of design aesthetics with last years Galaxy S4.

The S5 sports a Super Amoled HD display with a full 1080p resolution and measures up a 5.1inches. This is basically the same screen found in the S4 and whilst this is no bad thing, I was expecting something a bit better. The device also houses a Snapdragon 800 CPU with Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM. This is still top end but doesn’t offer anything new.

The S5 has taken a leaf out of Apples book and aims to appeal to sports mined consumers. The inclusion of a rear facing heart rate monitor is a cool idea but only time will tell wether this turns out to be a gimmick. Not unexpected is the finger print scanner. How accurate this is I don’t know but lets hope its less temperamental than the one found on the iPhone 5S.

The camera has been bumped up to 16mp and also films in 4k, contrary to initial reports. Other additions include water and dust proofing. This has however made the device slightly bigger.

Design-wise, the S5 shares a lot with the S4 but moves towards a slightly more angular appearance such as the Note3. It is unfortunate that Samsung have decided to stick with their all plastic design philosophy. Again there is no metal in sight, although Samsung have included a rubber touch back plate.

To me the S5 seems to be more of an incremental upgrade than a whole new device. Perhaps it should have been called the 4S! I am rather disappointed with the design and build and really wish Samsung would start using some high quality materials. ITs not that its a bad phone, its just not exceptional. There is no 64bit processor like in the iPhone 5S, and the device doesn’t really do anything revolutionary.

You should be able to order the S5 in April. Im sure Samsung will sell bucket loads!


LivelyState’s best tech of 2013

Apple Macbook Air.

Macbook Air

Apple have released a refreshed version of the Macbook Air every year since it was first introduced in 2008. Boasting exceptional battery life and showing that extreme portability doesn’t have to mean sluggish performance, the Macbook Air is an exceptional gadget. This years model was no exception and showcased Intel’s latest Haswell processors. It brought with it much improved battery life and even saw a price reduction. The built in trackpad gestures are frankly brilliant and make me love the device like my own child. The Macbook Air is the envy of every Ultrabook and really highlights Apples commitment to market leading quality.

Apple iPad Air.

iPad Air

2013 saw a change in design for the iPad Air and the inclusion of Apple’s new 64bit A7 processor. The device sports a super slick slimline chassis and comes pre-loaded with the beautifully intuitive iOS7. Apple pretty much singlehandedly created the tablet market and the iPad still sets the benchmarks to which every other tablet aims to best. The iPad Air is simply a beautiful gadget and a real tech innovation. Love or loathe Apple, you cannot deny the quality and the innovation that goes into their products.

PS4 and Xbox One.

PS4 vs Xbox One

This year we finally saw the release of the much anticipated Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Both consoles boast next generation PC like graphics and super slick user interfaces.With octa-core processors and AMD Radeon based graphics under the hood, both consoles are lightning fast. The PS4 appears to be slightly more powerful with faster DDR5 RAM and a slightly higher CPU clock speed. Either way the differences in performance are marginal. The PS4 does come in at a slightly lower price point, but with the Xbox One you do get the inclusion of the excellent Kinect hardware which  goes some way to justify its higher price.

Pebble smartwatch


Wearable tech is all the rage at the minute with google showcasing its intuitive glass hardware and smartwatches making a real appearance. One of my favourite smartwatches is the Pebble. Rather than a standalone product the Pebble synchs seamlessly with your smartphone delivering notifications and other relevant bits of information to your rist. Its well affordable at $150/£110 and is even waterproof. The Pebble is dead intuitive and being one of the highest-crowd funded products to date its incredibly desirable. Check out my smart watch guide: http://livelystate.com/2013/12/07/smartwatch-guide/



The HTC One was the smartphone set to reverse the tide of the companies troubled revenues. The super-phone showcased what HTC were capable of with a superb iPhone matching aluminium unibody design and top end internals. The device also featured a new ultra pixel camera capable of taking high quality low light photos. This is all complimented by a 4.7 inch market leading full HD LCD display. The HTC One is one of the best Android smartphones to date and won international acclaim. The device was (and still is) a fantastic all round powerhouse of a smartphone and really became the One to beat. Lets just hope the once mighty HTC continue to make high quality smartphones and can win enough hearts to secure a fruitful future. You can find my review here:http://livelystate.com/2013/09/17/htc-one-review/



If your not already aware Netflix is an online video streaming service. For a monthly fee of £5.99/$7.99 (streaming only) you get unlimited access to an ever expanding library of movies and TV programs. Netflix has a intuitive user interface which learns your viewing habits and recommends things you might like to watch. It also recently had a visual overhaul making it even more pleasing on the eye and easier to use. What is particularly good for UK subscribers is the amount of great American TV series’ and Netflix have even started making their own original productions – such as the multi award winning House of Cards.To make it even more accessible, Netflix is also available on a huge range of platforms including iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation and and even smart TV’s.Even Virgin Media have now included Netflix to its offerings. For the price Netflix is an absolute bargain and every home needs to have a subscription.

Samsung Galaxy Note3


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an absolute beast of a gadget. If you follow my blog then you will know that we are a massive fan the Note3. The Full HD Super Amoled display is shockingly brilliant and really brings the device to life. The Note3 Also includes Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragons 800 mobile  processor making it incredibly powerful. In the camera department is a brilliant 13mp snapper and it also supports 2K video capture. What sets the Note3 apart from the competition is the S-pen functionality and it makes paper and penlook like a thing of the past. The Note3 is a highly functional device and easily warrants being considered one of 2013’s best tech innovations. Check this out: http://livelystate.com/2013/10/22/5-reasons-why-you-need-a-samsung-galaxy-note-3/

5 reasons to buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 3

We all know that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is a pretty competent phone. With a sweet screen, bags of power and that intuitive S-pen, the Note 3 is easily one of the coolest smartphones of 2013. However I want to go one step further. To me the Note 3 is one of the best smartphones ever made. Here are 5 reasons why:

That screen

Yes that screen! You have all heard about that stunning 5.7 super AMOLED HD window to the world. Well it really needs to be seen to be believed. Personally this is the best smartphone screen on any device right now. The colours simply leap from the screen and with a dpi of 386 this makes for a truly world class viewing experience. Seriously guys go to your local phone shop right now and have a look at this display. It really is breathtaking. Movies and games are an absolute pleasure and feel right at home on the Note 3. But did I mention how good the display is!?

The power

The Note 3 is technically the most powerful smartphone on the market. The device is built around Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 800 processor clocked at 2.3GHZ, coupled with an Adreno 330 GPU (international version). The device is also the the only smartphone currently to include 3GB of RAM. This all adds up to make the Note 3 one hell of a serious b**tard! Gaming is buttery smooth and because of the snapdragon 800 inside the international version it also supports 2k video.


The Note 3 has one major trick up its sleeve when compared to other phablets. It is the only smartphone to incorporate the intuitive s-pen or similar accessory. The S-pen is massively intuitive as it allows hand writing recognition right out of the box and with features such as air gestures the Note 3 is truly intuitive. The S-pen is also great for enhanced accuracy and makes quick access to your favourite features much more pleasant. The S-pen is packed with cool features and really makes for a very unique user experience. I love it.

The size

Yes controversial I know. To some this would be a major downside. To me however and like minded tech enthusiasts the size is what makes the Note 3 so brilliant. Although large, the device is very thin and relatively light. If you just love browsing the internet, watching video content and playing games then you will truly appreciate the size of the Note 3. Obviously the device needs to be large to support that gorgeous screen, but with that slim waist line you will hardly feel it in your pocket! Personally I hate small smartphone displays. I really struggle with my IPhone 5s and find it strains my eyes. It’s also difficult to type on and as such I really wish it was larger! The Note 3 doesn’t have these issues however and that’s why I love it.

The camera

The Note 3 sports a 13MP camera on the back with LED flash. The image quality is really very good and again is complemented by that stunning display. The note 3 has the ability to film video and take pictures at the same time and gives easy access to some great on-screen effects. As mentioned already the Note 3 also supports 2k video playback and guess what? Yep you guessed it the video playback looks stunning on that display! Although the camera does not give the best low light performance it does perform very well in normal conditions and has a great HDR mode.

So there you go, 5 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is so great! I’m sure some people will disagree so please feel free to comment. By the way did I mention how good that display is?


HTC One Max gets closer

Rumours surrounding HTC’s new flagship the One Max have heated up in recent days. The companies new phablet is likely to sport a huge 5.9 inch 1080p LCD display, 2GB RAM and the now slightly outdated Snapdragon 600 processor (as found in the original HTC One). It would be nice to see a Snapdragon 800 inside but popular opinion is that this is likely to be the less powerful processor. A previous rumour suggested the device would include a finger print reader but we will have to wait and see. Keeping in line with the HTC One and One mini the One Max is also very likely to be built around an aluminium chassis. Expect an official announcement at IFA 2013.

Picture from Via The Verge and from Sina Weibo.


Apple A7 and 64bit

What an exciting week its been. With the announcement of the Iphone 5S and 5C, everyone is talking about Apples new 64-bit A7 processor. But what exactly is all the chat about?

Apple are marketing the new A7 processor as being the worlds first 64-bit mobile chip. And with Samsung claiming that their next processors will also be 64-bit surely this is the way forward?

Well yes and no. Whilst clearly a step in the right direction, this is also a bit of a marketing gimmick.

In theory a 64-bit processor is twice as fast as a 32 bit processor. The idea being that a 64-bit processor and Operating System (OS) is able to make better use of the systems RAM and processor and as such deliver much better performance. Whilst this is true in terms of desktop computing, here lies the problem in current mobile set-ups. The main reason for having a 64-bit processor and Operating System is to be able to access more than 4 GB’s of RAM – as is the limit with 32-bit processors. With the Iphone 5S only having 1 GB of RAM we are unlikely to see a massive performance increase over current high end 32-bit processors. Sure, Apple’s new A7 will be faster than the last generation of processors but it is not the leap forward Apple would have us believe. That is not to say there is no future for 64-bit processors. I see this more as Apple future-proofing and gearing itself up for future IOS devices – devices that can fully utilize a 64-bit architecture. With IOS7 being Apple’s first 64-bit OS, Apple are clearly paving the way for a new breed of I-devices.

Clearly though from a marketing point of view Samsung and others will need to be seen as keeping up with Apple. Samsung have already acknowledged this point and I’m sure other manufacturers will soon follow.