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Samsung Galaxy S5 VS HTC One M8. Which is best?

gun-gun-metal-metal samsung-galaxy-s5-mwc-2014-colours

The Samsung Galaxy S5 and the the all new HTC One are two of the biggest handsets to be released this year. With both companies hoping to build on the success of previous models, we are sure to see some aggressive competition. The Samsung Galaxy S range has seen some of the most popular smartphones ever made and sales have matched and even beaten those of the ironing iPhone. For HTC however, It is no lie that they have been struggling lately. That said, the original HTC One won universal praise and is considered one of the best smartphones ever made. As such both companies will be hoping to top sales figures and claim the title of ‘smartphone of the year’. The question then, is which one should you get?

Design and build.

Yet again Samsung have stuck to their previous design philosophy by using an all plastic construction. The device does not look that dissimilar to the GS4 and still incorporates a aluminium look band which runs around the edges. The corners however are slightly squarer and the device now looks more like the Note 3. Samsung have gone for a leather look back for the device and although similar to that of the Note 3, it does look more plasticky. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is by no means an ugly device but the all plastic design started feeling old about three years ago. An added bonus with the GS5 however is that it is certified as water proof.

The original HTC One really challenged the excellent build quality of the iPhone with a mainly metal build. HTC have never in my mind built an ugly phone but the One was a step forward. The new HTC One M8 is even better that the original. HTC have now used a build which consists of 90% metal and the plastic rim of the original is gone. It is slightly taller and fatter than the original but it matters little. The HTC One is a stunning looking device.

There is frankly no competition here. The build quality of the HTC blows the GS5 out of the water (literally). Im frankly getting a little tired of Samsung’s choice of build materials and I really cant understand the reluctance to include a little metal. I probably won’t buy another Samsung because of this.


Both devices have some pretty awesome specs and use relatively similar hardware. Both use Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 801 processors with Adreno 330 GPU’s. These are some of the latest hardware components on the market and as such both devices are lightning fast. The GS5 however has a slight clock speed advantage at 2.5GHZ compared to the One’s 2.3GHZ. In reality however there will be little difference in performance. Both devices also sport 2GB RAM and will be available with either 16GB or 32GB internal storage. With regards to batteries, the Samsung’s is slightly bigger at 2800mAh vs HTC’s 2600mAh. Again there is little realtime difference as software optimisation will be a big element of battery life.

Its worth mentioning that the GS5 also incorporates a heart rate monitor and a finger print reader. It may be that this sways it for you, particularly if you are into your sports!

Its a difficult call to make with such similar specs, but with the GS5 wins technically with its higher clocked processor and slightly bigger battery. Not to mention the additional hardware mentioned above.


Screen technology is always a controversial issue with opinion playing a big part. This is an issue of LCD technology vs AMOLED technology. AMOLED usually produces more vibrant colours and better contrast, but LCD tends to produce more accurate colours and sometimes appears sharper. Personally I love the popping colours of a AMOLED display and Samsung have always made pretty awesome displays.

Samsung’s GS5 sports a 5.1 inch full 1080p Super AMOLED HD display with HTC’s One incorporating a 5 inch LCD 1080p IPS display. Both are incredibly good and are likely some of the best screens available. Technically the HTC has a higher pixel density with 441 pixels per once (PPI) compared to Samsung’s 431. This really wont make any difference however with the difference being marginal.

This is very difficult to call as it all comes down to personal opinion. Both screens are exceptional. Although I prefer AMOLED, I know plenty of people will prefer LCD. Lets call this one a draw.


This isn’t going to be a straight forward comparison with both devices having different ideas about smartphone cameras. The samsung uses a 16mp auto focus snapper compared with HTC opting for an ultra pixel camera at 4MP. The HTC cant really compare to the Samsung with regards to pixel count as the GS5 is way higher. The Ultra pixel camera on the HTC however has supposed to capture more light and as such claims to be better in low light situations. Clearly however if you want larger high quality pictures then the Samsung will be best for you. HTC do have a trick up their sleeve however with the inclusion of a second sensor used to create debt. This means you can play around with the background and create 3d like images.

Its worth mentioning that the One incorporates a front facing 5 MP camera which is great for selfies. The GS5’s front camera has a lower 2MP sensor. That said Samsung have an advantage in that the GS5 records video in the 4K format whereas the One only supports 1080p. This may change however.

Whilst the HTC One’s intuitive camera can create some really cool effects, it cant really compete with the high pixel count of the GS5. Samsung are pretty good at doing cameras and as such this will be a win for Samsung.


Both devices will come preinstalled with the latest version of Android – 4.4.2 Kitkat. Both will also include the latest UI’s (user interface) – HTC using Sense and Samsung Touch Wiz. HTC’s Sense 6 will include the innovative ‘Zoe’ app which allows you to put videos and pictures together into short clips. Blink feed is also included which works a bit like Flipboard. The GS5 has something similar called ‘my magazine’. The GS5 is also heavily fitness optimised and includes Samsung’s new ’S Health’ fitness tracker software which works with the imbedded heart rate monitor.

This is very difficult call to make with the GS5 perhaps being more desirable to fitness fanatics. However, I have said it before and I will say it again, HTC Sense is way better that Samsung’s Touch Wiz. This sways it for me and I reckon the HTC One is the better device where software is concerned.


Technically, judging by the comparisons above both devices are equally impressive. The GS5 has possibly a better camera and some cool but perhaps gimmicky add ons, but the HTC One is far better looking with a much nicer design. Really, both devices are exceptional and both should sell by the bucket load. It’s really going to come down to which one you prefer.

If you want my opinion then I prefer the HTC One. Build quality is a big motivator for me and the device looks much cooler that the GS5. It will likely last longer too. The camera isn’t really an issue for me as I only take casual images on my smartphone. The One’s ultra pixel camera is perfect for quick pictures and has loads of flexibility when it comes to adding cool effects. Also, as mentioned above I really cant forgive Samsung for continuing to use plastic. Its outdated and it feels cheap. Smartphones have become fashion accessories and I don’t think samsung are going to win any prizes.


The new king of smartphones

Once again HTC have showed the rest of the world what a smartphone should look like.

Yesterday the company announced the gorgeous looking HTC One (M8). Based very much on last years ‘One’, HTC will hope to put the past behind them and consolidate on the success of what was one of 2013’s greatest smartphones.

The all new One features a 90 % all metal build compared to the 70 % build the original. This means HTC have opted to lose the plastic surround of the original and replace this with metal. The aesthetics have been improved too with the device sporting sexy curves and an overall better feel. It is slightly fatter and taller than its predecessor but this can be forgiven due to its incredibly good build and looks. The device will launch in three colours – Gunmetal grey, Glacial silver and Amber gold.

The screen has seen a 12 % increase in size and the device now features a stunning 5 inch Super IPS 1080p LCD display. This adds up to a PPI (pixels per inch) of 441. In essence this means the display is ultra sharp and makes for an incredibly beautiful viewing experience. Gorilla  glass 3 has also been used for extra durability. A slight design change is that the navigation buttons are now incorporated into the screen.

The HTC One is now powered by Qualcomm’s latest 801 snapdragon processor clocked at 2.3GHZ with an Adreno 330 GPU in tow. It also sports 2GB RAM. This makes for a very powerful configuration and the device should chew through graphically intensive tasks with ease. Another nice hardware improvement is the addition of a micro SD slot. This gives more flexibility for people who would find the 16 or 32GB internal memory limiting. The amazing market leading front facing Boomsound speakers are still present, making the HTC One an excellent multimedia device.

When the original One was released last year one of the main features was the 4MP ‘Ultrapixel’ camera. It was said to allow more light into the lens and thus make for a better low light performance. It did get mixed reviews with many however saying it just wasn’t competitive with other smartphone cameras. Well the new HTC one features the very same camera with a few improvements. Unfortunately there is now no optical image stabilisation, however according to HTC they are now using a new imaging chip which takes care of digital image stabilisation and improves image quality. The HTC One can capture video in full 1080p video but for some reason 4k isn’t supported.

Another improvement to the camera is the addition of a second sensor on the back which is responsible for creating depth. It doesn’t actually take pictures but it creates depth of field and allows for some very cool background effects. In essence it helps create a 3D image which means the background can be enhanced or changed with the use of special effects. I really like the look of this and it adds something new and unique to the new device. Clearly HTC aren’t interested in the pixel race but if like me you only really take casual photos on nights out, and of that occasional stunning sunset you discover when driving to work, then the camera here is perfect. What is also great is that HTC have upped the front camera to 5MP which means it is great for taking selfies.

The HTC One will be running on the latest version of Android – 4.4.2 Kitkat supported by HTC’s latest user interface (UI) Sense 6. Sense is easily my favourite UI and does a really good job of looking after gestures and general software aesthetics. Its miles ahead of Samsung’s Touchwiz in my opinion. The UI still incorporates Blinkfeed which is a bit like Flipboard in that it displays relevant  news and social media updates. The brilliant HTC Zoe is still present as part of Sense but this time its accessed through a separate app. Zoe is basically a feature which allows you to stitch you videos and pictures together into cool looking little clips.

Last years HTC One was without a doubt one of my favourite smartphones ever. It offered so much in terms of functionality and innovation, but best of all it challenged the iPhone to being the prettiest smartphone around. I have always been a huge fan of HTC and it saddens me to see them struggling. The original ‘One’ was a brilliant device and got people thinking about HTC again. Lets just hope that people jump off the Apple/Samsung bandwagon and start buying into brand HTC. After all the world needs diversity.


LivelyState’s best tech of 2013

Apple Macbook Air.

Macbook Air

Apple have released a refreshed version of the Macbook Air every year since it was first introduced in 2008. Boasting exceptional battery life and showing that extreme portability doesn’t have to mean sluggish performance, the Macbook Air is an exceptional gadget. This years model was no exception and showcased Intel’s latest Haswell processors. It brought with it much improved battery life and even saw a price reduction. The built in trackpad gestures are frankly brilliant and make me love the device like my own child. The Macbook Air is the envy of every Ultrabook and really highlights Apples commitment to market leading quality.

Apple iPad Air.

iPad Air

2013 saw a change in design for the iPad Air and the inclusion of Apple’s new 64bit A7 processor. The device sports a super slick slimline chassis and comes pre-loaded with the beautifully intuitive iOS7. Apple pretty much singlehandedly created the tablet market and the iPad still sets the benchmarks to which every other tablet aims to best. The iPad Air is simply a beautiful gadget and a real tech innovation. Love or loathe Apple, you cannot deny the quality and the innovation that goes into their products.

PS4 and Xbox One.

PS4 vs Xbox One

This year we finally saw the release of the much anticipated Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Both consoles boast next generation PC like graphics and super slick user interfaces.With octa-core processors and AMD Radeon based graphics under the hood, both consoles are lightning fast. The PS4 appears to be slightly more powerful with faster DDR5 RAM and a slightly higher CPU clock speed. Either way the differences in performance are marginal. The PS4 does come in at a slightly lower price point, but with the Xbox One you do get the inclusion of the excellent Kinect hardware which  goes some way to justify its higher price.

Pebble smartwatch


Wearable tech is all the rage at the minute with google showcasing its intuitive glass hardware and smartwatches making a real appearance. One of my favourite smartwatches is the Pebble. Rather than a standalone product the Pebble synchs seamlessly with your smartphone delivering notifications and other relevant bits of information to your rist. Its well affordable at $150/£110 and is even waterproof. The Pebble is dead intuitive and being one of the highest-crowd funded products to date its incredibly desirable. Check out my smart watch guide: http://livelystate.com/2013/12/07/smartwatch-guide/



The HTC One was the smartphone set to reverse the tide of the companies troubled revenues. The super-phone showcased what HTC were capable of with a superb iPhone matching aluminium unibody design and top end internals. The device also featured a new ultra pixel camera capable of taking high quality low light photos. This is all complimented by a 4.7 inch market leading full HD LCD display. The HTC One is one of the best Android smartphones to date and won international acclaim. The device was (and still is) a fantastic all round powerhouse of a smartphone and really became the One to beat. Lets just hope the once mighty HTC continue to make high quality smartphones and can win enough hearts to secure a fruitful future. You can find my review here:http://livelystate.com/2013/09/17/htc-one-review/



If your not already aware Netflix is an online video streaming service. For a monthly fee of £5.99/$7.99 (streaming only) you get unlimited access to an ever expanding library of movies and TV programs. Netflix has a intuitive user interface which learns your viewing habits and recommends things you might like to watch. It also recently had a visual overhaul making it even more pleasing on the eye and easier to use. What is particularly good for UK subscribers is the amount of great American TV series’ and Netflix have even started making their own original productions – such as the multi award winning House of Cards.To make it even more accessible, Netflix is also available on a huge range of platforms including iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation and and even smart TV’s.Even Virgin Media have now included Netflix to its offerings. For the price Netflix is an absolute bargain and every home needs to have a subscription.

Samsung Galaxy Note3


The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is an absolute beast of a gadget. If you follow my blog then you will know that we are a massive fan the Note3. The Full HD Super Amoled display is shockingly brilliant and really brings the device to life. The Note3 Also includes Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragons 800 mobile  processor making it incredibly powerful. In the camera department is a brilliant 13mp snapper and it also supports 2K video capture. What sets the Note3 apart from the competition is the S-pen functionality and it makes paper and penlook like a thing of the past. The Note3 is a highly functional device and easily warrants being considered one of 2013’s best tech innovations. Check this out: http://livelystate.com/2013/10/22/5-reasons-why-you-need-a-samsung-galaxy-note-3/

HTC One Max gets closer

Rumours surrounding HTC’s new flagship the One Max have heated up in recent days. The companies new phablet is likely to sport a huge 5.9 inch 1080p LCD display, 2GB RAM and the now slightly outdated Snapdragon 600 processor (as found in the original HTC One). It would be nice to see a Snapdragon 800 inside but popular opinion is that this is likely to be the less powerful processor. A previous rumour suggested the device would include a finger print reader but we will have to wait and see. Keeping in line with the HTC One and One mini the One Max is also very likely to be built around an aluminium chassis. Expect an official announcement at IFA 2013.

Picture from Via The Verge and from Sina Weibo.


HTC One is official

Yesterday HTC officially launched its hotly anticipated flagship ‘One’. The device features a stunning 4.7 inch Super LCD 3 screen with a whopping 469 ppi (pixels per inch). As expected the One is based around a powerhouse Qualcomm quad-core processor of the Krait 300 variety (as seen in the LG Optimus G Pro). An Adreno 320 GPU will keep things ticking over nicely in the graphics departments and 2GB RAM will should make operation buttery smooth.

ImageThe camera HTC have opted for is an interesting choice. HTC have broken out of the pixels race and instead opted for a 4 mega pixel snapper. Each pixel we be about twice as large as standard smartphone camera pixels and HTC reckon this will allow in more light thus allowing for better low light performance and better overall picture quality.

As if these specs aren’t enough, the device looks totally stunning with its curved back and aluminium casing. i’m sure you will agree the HTC One looks amazing. Then next question is when can I have one?

HTC one leaks….again

A further picture of HTC’s up and coming flagship ‘one’ leaks again, this time its in black. Previously thought to be known as the M7, the new device will likely sport a full HD display, 2GB of ram, a modern quad core processor and a 13MP camera. Expect the device to be unveild at HTC’s press conference on February 19th. Lets just hope this phone has enough to turn around HTC’s troubling sales figures. It does looks a lot like the love child of the iPhone 5 and Blackberry’s Z10!


Leak courtesy of evleaks.