Why I hate feeling disconnected and why I pay so much in SKY subscriptions.

Ok folks, so heres a bit of a rant.

So I’ve been with sky TV for a year now. Having paid £59 per month for my HD package I am now presented with the concept of my bill going up to £82 per month! Thats a massive price increase, and a huge amount to pay. Yes I have broadband, sky movies and HD, but still, where do these prices actually come from?

Ill tell you where – it all derives from a serious lack of competition. Where I live SKY is the only provider of subscription based TV and I know this is the same issue with people up and down the country. We live in a digital age but yet there has still been a serious lack of investment in the data communications infrastructure. I could actually get a TV package with fibre optic broadband much cheaper from one of SKY’s main competitors, however none of these services are available in my area. I even pay for 4G data with EE, but of course I don’t actually get any signal where I live.

My point is that the telecommunications infrastructure in the UK is seriously lacking. Unless you live in a big city then chances are you have to put up with decades old technology which results in painfully slow broadband, poor mobile phone signal and high prices! I keep hearing companies such as BT and EE talking about rolling out data services to rural communities, but how long does this actually take? Ill be in old age before I get access to super fast fibre optic services.

Other countries are far ahead of the UK when it comes to data communications and frankly we are not doing enough to bring our services up to speed. It was funny hearing the Queens speech a few years ago when she stated the UK government would spend more money on infrastructure. Well it hasn’t made any difference to me because I’m still living in the stone age!

So the answer to my question of where do these prices come from is actually quite simple; they charge me extortionate subscription fees because they are my only option and they know it! The day fibre optic is available to all of the UK will be the day that SKY experiences proper competition and actually does something about it. I just can’t quite believe sometimes that its 2014 but yet I still only get broadband speeds similar to what I had about ten years ago! Moreover, people are now talking about 5G data services but I can’t even send a text message from my own home! There has to be something wrong there?

I really hate feeling disconnected, I hate not having access to fibre optic services, and I hate having to pay extra for services I can get as a result.

this makes me grumpy.

End of rant.


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