Meet the first mobile Steam Machine.

You may remember back at CES 2014 when Valve announced its initial Steam Machines partners. These were 12 third party hardware developers charged with creating very unique desktop based PC’s which would run on Valve’s Steam OS. Well now a new developer has entered the lineup with the first handheld based console.

Currently codenamed ‘SteamBoy Project’ and developed by SteamBoy Machine Team, the new handheld console is due to be released in 2015 and strongly resembles the current Steam Controller prototype. The console consist of two signature round trackpads, a 5 inch 16:9 touchscreen and 4 action buttons similar to those found on the Xbox 360 controller.

The SteamBoy Machine Team told The Escapist that whilst the exact hardware specifications are yet to be decided, the device is likely to include a quad core processor, 4GB RAM and 32GB of external memory. They have stated that the new handheld device will not be as powerful as the desktop machines, but they draw parallels between this and how the Playstation 4 compares to the PS Vita for example. They go on to claim that it should be capable of playing most of the Steam OS games.

The SteamBoy will be capable of streaming games, like its desktop cousins, and will be compatible with WIFI and 3G networks.


For the YouTube sneak-peek check:




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