The future of virtual reality: Project Morphius

Today Sony have officially announced their new virtual reality headset ‘Project Morphius’. It seems previous rumours surrounding this were spot on as Sony confirmed this has been 3 years in development.

Morphius is an immersive 3D headset which features a full HD LCD display and will connect to the PS4 via HDMI and USB. It also offers a 90 degrees field of view and links in with the Playstation camera for motion control. Sony have said that at this stage the headset is only a prototype and is by no means the final design. Clearly a lot of consideration has gone into the current setup however with Sony stating that it it is designed to be comfortable and has good ventilation factored in to prevent the lenses steaming up.

It seems Sony are working with developers to ensure there will be plenty of content at release. When that will be however nobody knows.

Virtual Reality systems have never really been commercially successful in the past which is unfortunate because the concept has so much potential, particularly with todays modern gaming machines. Sony are clearly psyched about Project Morphius, and so they should be – it looks brilliant!


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