Amazon’s uninspired game controller leaks



Rumours of Amazon’s possibly up and coming set top games console have been ramped up in light of recent internet leaks.

Images leaked on the interweb showing what can only be described as a rather uninspired and dull looking games controller have led some to believe that the release of an accompanying games console is imminent.

The gamepad which is clad in dull looking black plastic features two analog sticks, a traditional directional pad, 4 games buttons and a further 4 Android-esque function buttons. There are also some media playback buttons on the lower edge and the controller features 6 led lights. What is certain is that this is no where near as revolutionary and cool looking as Valves SteamMachines controller. As pointed out by many online commentators, the design is suspiciously similar to the wireless ‘OnLine’ gamepad.

No much is know about the accompanying console, or in fact wether there actually is one! If there is however it will likely link in with the current trend in online streaming and utilise Amazons catalogue of online material. Wether it will be a powerhouse console to take on the likes of the Xbox One and PS4, I doubt it. Considering Amazons current commitment to Android I would hazard a guess that this will be what the console will be running on.

We will have to wait and see what happens.

Source: Engadget


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