Samsung Galaxy S5 Underwhelms

The Samsung Galaxy S5 went official yesterday at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona.

In what may be viewed as being a little underwhelming, the Galaxy S5 shares a lot of design aesthetics with last years Galaxy S4.

The S5 sports a Super Amoled HD display with a full 1080p resolution and measures up a 5.1inches. This is basically the same screen found in the S4 and whilst this is no bad thing, I was expecting something a bit better. The device also houses a Snapdragon 800 CPU with Adreno 330 GPU and 2GB of RAM. This is still top end but doesn’t offer anything new.

The S5 has taken a leaf out of Apples book and aims to appeal to sports mined consumers. The inclusion of a rear facing heart rate monitor is a cool idea but only time will tell wether this turns out to be a gimmick. Not unexpected is the finger print scanner. How accurate this is I don’t know but lets hope its less temperamental than the one found on the iPhone 5S.

The camera has been bumped up to 16mp and also films in 4k, contrary to initial reports. Other additions include water and dust proofing. This has however made the device slightly bigger.

Design-wise, the S5 shares a lot with the S4 but moves towards a slightly more angular appearance such as the Note3. It is unfortunate that Samsung have decided to stick with their all plastic design philosophy. Again there is no metal in sight, although Samsung have included a rubber touch back plate.

To me the S5 seems to be more of an incremental upgrade than a whole new device. Perhaps it should have been called the 4S! I am rather disappointed with the design and build and really wish Samsung would start using some high quality materials. ITs not that its a bad phone, its just not exceptional. There is no 64bit processor like in the iPhone 5S, and the device doesn’t really do anything revolutionary.

You should be able to order the S5 in April. Im sure Samsung will sell bucket loads!


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