Alienware joins the Steam Machines line up

Arriving very late to CES 2014, Alienware have showcased their final Steam Machines design. True to Alienware’s super cool design philosophy, the Steam Machine is sure to be popular amongst consumers.

Based vey much on Alienware’s popular X51 micro gaming PC, the final design is smaller than both the PS4 and Xbox One and likely to pack a real punch. Although the machine showcased at CES had no internals, the Alienware Steam Machine is likely to sport a powerful Intel CPU and an independent Nvidia graphics card. Many of the other Steam Machines showcased at CES feature Intel processors with integrated graphics so this could give Alienware a real edge.

The Alienware Steam Machine is a brilliant example of what a living room gaming PC’s should look like. Providing Alienware can deliver with the hardware and Valve with the software, The Alienware Steam Machine could really threaten console gaming and take a large chunk out of the gaming market. Valves user base of 65 million people coupled with Alienware’s cutting edge design presents a real winning formulae. The Alienware Steam Machine is the one to watch.


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