Playstation Now arrives

Sony have officially announced Playstation Now. The subscription based streaming service will allow users to stream Playstation games to their PSP, PS4, smartphone, tablet and even smart TV. Although Playstation Now comes as no real surprise, the range of supported platforms was pleasantly received.

Due to be launched in the summer, Playstation Now is still in the development stage. That said, it has been very well received at CES with users noting fast lag free gaming. Playstation Now is great in that it allows people who do not have access to the necessary hardware to access Playstation games. It gives PS4 owners access to the backlog of PS3 games, but for people who do not own Sonys latest console it gives them access to gaming by other means, i.e. through their smart TV.

Cloud gaming means that the computing side of things is done a server so the gaming experience can be streamed straight to a compatible device. We expect great things from Playstation Now. Stay tuned for further developments.


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