UK scrambles destroyer to challenge Russian warship

According to the Mail Online The UK recently had to deploy one of its new warships to warn off a Russian vessel anchored just 30 miles off the North East coast of Scotland.

In what the Mail is calling a ‘calculated test of Britain’s reduced naval capacity in the North Sea’, the UK had to despatch one of its newest fully armed type 45 destroyers to to the region. The problem being that this first had to travel 600 miles from its Portsmouth base.

Tensions heightened when RAF reconnaissance aircraft discovered that the Russian ship was fully armed with guided missiles. 

According to the Mail, UK defence cutbacks have meant there are no patrol vessels capable of being deployed from Scotland which is why HMS Defender had to make the 24 hour journey from the south of England. 

Although this story has to be taken with a pinch of salt it does however paint a worrying picture of Britain’s ever shrinking navy. Questions also have to be asked regarding Russia’s intentions. The Mail believes this was Putin putting to test the UK’s naval capabilities. 

Could this also be a leak from England in the run up to the referendum on Scottish independence? It would show how vulnerable Scotland could be without the rest of the UK to shield it. 

It could also just be an attack by the Mail on spending cuts.

Who knows. It could have all been made up.


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