SteamOS goes live

Valves gaming Operating System (SteamOS) will be available to both developers and individuals tomorrow. The OS which is based on Linux will allow the streaming of games and media services and is designed make gaming more accessible in the living room.


2 thoughts on “SteamOS goes live”

  1. I would love to understand this. Looks very promising.
    But I havnt played on a console since I was a kid (last console was my Super Nintendo. not the 64 lol)… Recently I started gaming a little again for relaxation and just a new hobby was needed, on my iPad—LOVE IT. games like Telltales The Walking Dead for example are just so realistic and draw u in quite well. I could list half a dozen epic games like this that hit u in your throat and then your head and last your heart on iPad. I’m n love with good games again.

    But I do not have a normal computer. I don’t even really understand computers sadly. I like Apple though. I know that. Feels right. I don’t even know if Linux is Apple but I think so. So I’m no pro here. I know u need their console right? Oh no. U can play using your own computer but they are releasing a console for those who don’t have a computer?

    I get confused. I guess it doesn’t matter whether u built your own computer or buy one of theirs? I’m sure it matters but I’m just ignorant. I went to their website. Guess the only way I will learn is by emailing support a few questions at a time

    Well while I put it all together I guess I can save up
    The consoles aren’t cheap no?

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