iPhone 5s delays

Well another iPhone launch is over and yet again consumers are left feeling disgruntled. As per usual Apple have made a monumental cock-up and underestimated demand. It seems to happen every time a new iPhone is released. Apple should know by now how big demand is but they still always seem to get it wrong. Many Apple stores reported running out of stock within an hour and major UK networks such as O2 have reported getting no stock at all. It’s just not good enough. I know how it feels after ordering a gold 32GB model. I did this at midnight just as the online store went live. I shouldn’t have bothered however as the expected delivery time was about 2 weeks. Of course there is plenty of stock for the 5c. This isn’t surprising however. It’s probably just another example of Apple trying to control stock and over-inflate the hype. Poor show Apple.



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