Blackberry to lay off 40% of staff

Reports suggest that troubled smartphone maker Blackberry is to lay off up to 40% of its workforce. Blackberry – which recently changed its name from RIM – has been battling poor sales for a long time. Blackberry put everything into their new Operating System (OS) BB10 but evidence would suggest that the company is far from out of trouble. Problems with Internet and email services going down coupled With the rise of IOS and Android have made Blackberry very unpopular. The Z10 got generally good reviews but Blackberry have been unable to follow through with strong sales.

In other news Blackberry have just announced their new flagship the Z30. The Z30 is built around a 5 inch super Amoled display of 720p resolution. Unfortunately this larger display means the PPI has dropped down to 295 and as such is less than that of the Z10. The device has a marginally improved dual core processor and now has 2GB of RAM. Still, these specs are far from competitive with the latest Droids and i-devices.



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