HTC One is official

Yesterday HTC officially launched its hotly anticipated flagship ‘One’. The device features a stunning 4.7 inch Super LCD 3 screen with a whopping 469 ppi (pixels per inch). As expected the One is based around a powerhouse Qualcomm quad-core processor of the Krait 300 variety (as seen in the LG Optimus G Pro). An Adreno 320 GPU will keep things ticking over nicely in the graphics departments and 2GB RAM will should make operation buttery smooth.

ImageThe camera HTC have opted for is an interesting choice. HTC have broken out of the pixels race and instead opted for a 4 mega pixel snapper. Each pixel we be about twice as large as standard smartphone camera pixels and HTC reckon this will allow in more light thus allowing for better low light performance and better overall picture quality.

As if these specs aren’t enough, the device looks totally stunning with its curved back and aluminium casing. i’m sure you will agree the HTC One looks amazing. Then next question is when can I have one?


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