BB10 is here!

It’s make or break for blackberry who have had a pretty rocky ride over the past few years. Some very negative publicity and dwindling sales have cost the Canadian smartphone manufacturer dearly. Blackberry has put all its faith in its new BB10 operating system which is being showcased by the all-touch-screen Z10 and the soon to come Q10 with familiar keyboard.

Research in motion (RIM) or just ‘Blackberry’ as its now officially known are only to aware of the importance of their new operating system. BB10 offers an intuitive user interface which is heavily gesture based. It has so far been relatively well received. Sales thus far of the Z10 have been very strong in the UK with many stores already out of stock. This has helped a 15% increase in Blackberry’s share price.

Although the Z10 is currently available in the UK it won’t be until mid March that it makes it over the pond. Unfortunately the Q10 won’t be available until between May and June. Only time will tell whether Blackberry have done enough to secure their place in what is a very difficult market place.


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