4K Television

With many households not even receiving High Definition TV yet, it seems strange that a new even higher resolution is making an appearance. You may have heard of 4K but what exactly is it? Well current full High Definition content is broadcast in a 1920 x 1080 resolution. What that means is that the picture is made up of 1080 pixels vertically by 1920 horizontally.  Pixels make up the image so the more of them there are then the sharper the image. So when we talk about 1080P High Definition we are referring to the amount of pixels up the vertical axis. The ‘P’ refers to ‘progressive scan’ but Ill bore you with that another time! If you multiply 1920 by 1080 then, you get 2,073,600. This is the total number of pixels.

So what exactly is 4K I hear you say? Well 4K (also known as Ultra HD) refers to the horizontal resolution. There are 4096 pixels horizontally but as this is close to 4000 we call it 4K. 4K resolution is actually 4096 pixels by 2160. As you can see then the resolution here is twice that of High Definition. The total amount of pixels however is four times that of High Definition (about 8 million) making for a very sharp picture indeed!

With only a hand full of 4K televisions available, retailing at well over £20,000, I’m sure none of us will be rushing out to buy one any time soon. 4K is on its way however. People with more money than sense will find some limited content to download from the internet, and YouTube has already started streaming 4K for premium customers. Domestic cameras capable of filming in 4K such as Gopro’s new Hero 3 black edition, are also starting to make an appearance. With everyone talking about 4K at the minute I’m sure 2013 is going be a big year!



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