Samsung Galaxy S4 inbound!

Did you know that Samsung have already sold around 100 million Galaxy S3’s to date? In fact Sammy’s premium smartphone is even outselling the iPhone 5 here in the Uk. For those of you who have just invested in the latest Galaxy S device you might not be so please to learn that the S4 may be just around the corner. Latest rumours suggest the new device will be announced on March 15th (my birthday incidentally) with an April release date.

Leaked Samsung Galaxy S4?

The latest incarnation is rumoured to sport a full 1080p Super Amoled display, an 8 core processor and 2 gigs of RAM. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little excited! It will be interesting to see what Samsung will do about build quality. Opponents of the S2 and S3 argue that the build materials are a little cheap feeling. Personally I disagree but only time will tell wether Samsung will move away from an all plastic construction. You can check out my video reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and 3 on my YouTube Channel


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